Pilates Reformer Foldable

Pilates Reformer Foldable

I have recommended my cousin to look into your beautiful equipment. I have a good experience purchasing equipment from you and I recommend you all the time.

Kathya, Pennsylvania

Your Customer Service skills and putting up with my numerous questions were very much appreciated. Given our space constraints, the Pilates Equipment Fitness beat out reformer from Balanced Body and Peak Pilates. My wife is looking forward to years of use and no longer dealing with constant COVID related inconsistency of fitness facility.

Samuel, Colorado

Pilates Reformer Rehab with Tower

The reformer is great! We have patients that are in their 80s and 90s using it successfully as part of their PT program.

Sarah, OTR  /L-CLT, MA

Pilates Reformer Vintage

Pilates Reformer Vintage

I would like to say how great it was to do business with your company from start to finish. I have found your vintage reformer to be an an excellent piece of equipment.

Michelle, Phoenix, AZ

I received this last Friday, and I’m absolutely blown away by it! Came perfectly and beautifully packaged, and it is studio quality all the way. I so very pleased and thrilled that I pulled the trigger to make this purchase. THANK YOU!!

April E., Santa Margarita, CA

Thank you for a well made machine! I love my reformer!!

Stephanie W., Hollister, CA

Excellent pilates studio quality. Comes nearly fully assembled so the final set up is very simple. And the customer service from this company is outstanding! I am so glad I bought it!

What you really need to be prepared for when ordering: This will arrive in a wooden crate, so you will need to dispose of that which isn’t quite as simple as a cardboard box. It’s not a big heavy cumbersome crate, it’s really a nicely designed box that is no more than what is needed for the reformer. The shipper will only move the crate as far as they can with a pallet jack… so that means you need to be able to store it or uncrate it pretty much right away… which does take some planning – you’ll need some tools to get the crate open, once unassembled parts and the glider is removed the frame is about 120 lbs, so you’ll need two reasonably strong people to move it to where it’s going. If there are stairs involved make sure you measure well before purchase – while it’s very low profile it is very long. Once you’ve got the frame where you want it, finally assembly is a breeze and I would not bother with the “expert assembly” option, particularly since they won’t move it for you.

Shelley A., Minneapolis, MN

High quality equipment and great design (I like the frame in wood). Easy to assemble and smooth movements. Also very good price if you compare with similar reformers and same performance.

Kiara J., Fresno, CA

High Quality Wood Reformer. This is a Professional Studio Reformer, I would definitely recommend it for your studio, home gym or private Pilates practice. The reformer comes with the box and the jump board. Beautiful finishes, smooth and silent ride. I am so glad I made the investment in a product that will likely serve me for a lifetime.

Frederick J., Jacksonville, FL

Wow! I am Pilates instructor and have had the opportunity to use many different types & brands of reformers. This reformer surpasses them all. High quality and simply gorgeous! It moved smoothly and had everything needed for any Pilates class from beginner to advanced! Very happy!.

Elizabeth B., Norristown, PA

We were nervous about quality after we purchased but seriously could not be happier! So nice and extremely high quality! Shipping was great! Easy to put together and is just beautifuL! Amazing reformer! Just as nice as at my pilates studio!

Barbara M., Olathe, KS

Amazing machine! It gives me everything I need for my Pilates routine.

Daphne B., New York, NY

A good investment. Quality materials, solid construction and build. I’m satisfied with the equipment and mostly with the vendor support.

Olivia S., Shelbyville, IN

I love it! The best quality. Recommended 100%.

Jennifer M., Moundsville, WV

Pilates Cadillac Reformer

Pilates Cadillac Reformer Vintage

This equipment has really surprised me. It has everything you need to perform all the Pilates exercises. The switch between a Cadillac and a Reformer is also very easy to set up. It comes in a beautiful and handcrafted design. Highly recommended!

Danielle W., Flint, MI

Wonderful machine. I don’t know how I lived without it before. I have back problems and using this makes them disappear.

Jacob W., Wheaton, IL

I am very happy with my machine. It really has a nice feel to it.

Jennifer P., Albany, NY

I am so excited to use this machine and am thankful this company responds so quickly. I have told a few friends about your company they were surprised at the quality. Customer Service is huge, thanks for responding so quickly.

Janet D., Brentwood, NH

Pilates Reformer Rehab

We absolutely love it and cannot thank you enough!

Shannon M., Marietta, GA

The equipment has been great and a real lifesaver. My wife uses it regularly and we are so happy we bought this prior to complete shutdown due to the pandemic.

Steve W., Sisters, OR

Fitness Ring

Fitness Ring

Thank you!! Great quality and love the padding!

Shannon M., Atlanta, GA


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