We have a legacy of almost two decades of experience in Europe and worldwide with a variety of sports equipment and accessories, opening our scope in the US market with the aim to offer our knowledge. We currently distribute the sports trending brands, with innovation and best quality price equipment, produced with the current advances recommended by international practitioners and trainers.

We focus to become the leading site in our sector.

Our Portfolio

· Reformers, Reformers with Tower, Reformers Rehab
· Cadillac Reformers, Cadillacs
· Chairs, Ladder Barrels and Spine Correctors
· Wall Units, Spring Walls and Pedi Pole
· Accessories

Our Strength

· Highest Quality, innovative construction method and durability
· Based in the US: reduced lead time with US warranties
· Customer Service 24/7
· Experienced Sales Department
· Cross-functional collaboration & Co-innovation to develop our products offering

pilates machines for sale, Pilates Equipment Fitness
pilates machines for sale, Pilates Equipment Fitness

Highest Quality, innovative construction method and the most durable materials. State of the Art engineering, materials and technology. Our equipment allow superior experience to practitioners of all shapes and sizes, ages and all fitness levels. Our Pilates Reformers come with the Box and Jump Board included in the same package. No additional cost or surprises.

We have various distribution locations in the US, offering our customer to shorten the equipment delivery time from 2 to 3 weeks. We offer US warranties, complying with international standards at the level of our competitors.

We aim to engage with consumers through personalized and real-time experience, achieving exceptional consumer experience through live chats and personalized customer service, available almost 24/7 throughout the US, which can listen to and respond to clients in their moments of need. Our multilingual sales department has experience in the Pilates Sector. Mouth to mouth is the key ingredient of our achievements.


pilates machines for sale, Pilates Equipment Fitness

Pilates Reformer

Originally called “Contrology”, Pilates was invented by a German bodybuilder by the name of Joseph Pilates in the 20th Century. Joseph Pilates emigrated to the United States and opened his first studio shortly after, in the early 1920s. This fitness program immediately developed a devout following, and those who practiced it started to notice that they were becoming stronger and leaner thanks to the exercises that he prescribed.


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Delivered from the USA

We are an USA based company, giving you the security and support you so much need.

Receive it in only 2-3 weeks

Receive it in just 2-3 weeks in your studio or home with the same quality and support that define us.

High-quality and innovative equipment

We guarantee that all products undergo stringent quality checks.

Reliability and competitive price

Our Pilates machines are the best quality/price.