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The Pilates Ped-o-Pull is an original apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. Joseph invented the Pedipole also known as the Ped-o-Pul or Pedi-Pull, to help attain correct posture and spinal flexibility. It is deceptive in its simplicity and humbling in its ability to challenge and align the body.

It challenges core stability in standing positions, helping you improve breathe, spine stretching, balance and core strength. Suitable for home and studios with limited space, allowing you space-saving.

The Pedipole (aka Ped-o-pull) is an excellent tool to teach you just that. It’s one of the many Pilates apparatuses that are incredibly functional. You’re standing up straight focusing on maintaining your ideal posture and then you pull down on the handles that are attached to springs – all while maintaining balance in front of an unmounted Pedipole.

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  • Metal parts are made of iron with chromium cover for antioxidation
  • It comes with 2 yellow (very light) first class steel springs.
  • Solid beech wood base.

Pilates Pedi Pole


Length 19 ins / 49.5 cms
Width 19 ins / 49.5 cms
Height 1 in / 3 cms
Tower Height 82 ins / 209 cms


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